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Why are there Gargoyles on churches and cathedrals?

"Destroy the idol. Purify the temples with holy water. Set relics there,
and let them become temples of the true God. So the people will have no need
to change their place of concourse, and, where of old they were wont to sacrifice
cattle to demons, neither let them continue to resort on the day of the saint to
where the Church is dedicated, and slay their beasts, no longer as a sacrifice
but for social meal in honor of Him whom they now worship."

The unicorn's golden horn is symbolically the same as the fairy
godmother's golden wand, the wizard's staff, or Moses staff that
struck the rock and caused a spring of sweet water to come forth
 and save the tribes of Israel from dying of thirst.

Wizards can be looked at as a symbol of pure creativity.
He is one with the Great Cosmic Spirit.  He is plugged into the overmind.

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